Architects Plus is your local architect firm based in Christchurch and Wanaka. We specialise in commercial and residential architecture. Here at Architects Plus, we are interested in all aspects of design and focus on creating beautiful yet functional spaces.

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About Us –

Founded in 2003 by Principal Architect, Graham McDermid, Architects Plus is a registered practice and member of the New Zealand Institute of Architects. Our team of experienced designers have worked on projects nationally and internationally, ranging in complexity including Multi-Storey Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Urban Planning, Health Care, Institutional and Residential projects. As a result, our studio has over 70 years combined experience in the industry.


Services –

We offer a professional service from conception to physical completion of the project. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on an emphasis of creativity balanced with the needs of the client and budgetary restraints. Additionally we work closely with other industry professionals to deliver buildings that, through considered design, achieve economic and efficient outcomes. As a result, Architects Plus has earned a reputation in the construction industry as a creative architectural practice offering an individual, high-end and professional service.

The studio offers a complete architect service tailored to each project:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Initial Planning
  • Conceptual Proposals
  • 3D Visualisations
  • Developed Design
  • Interior Design
  • Drawings for Building Consent
  • Documentation for Building Tender
  • Working Documentation for Building Construction
  • Contract Administration

We coordinate our service from our studio located in Christchurch tailoring our service to the individual project and client objectives.


Service Breakdown –

Client Interaction –

Your ideas and visions are the drivers of each project, understanding what you require is the most important step. Additionally, we are responsive to budget restraints and always maintain frequent communication to ensure you’re fully aware of each step taken in order to realise your build.

Analysis –

We take time to research your brief including your site parameters. By doing so, this allows us to gain a sufficient understanding of the possibilities even before initiating the design process. Moreover, this step can distinguish potential hurdles, which we can offer invaluable advice to mitigate.

Concept Design –

The inspirational design phase is developed from macro scale ideas and goals outlined by you, massing forms into coherent, functional spaces. Thus, these forms are indicative of occupied space and voids to allow for visual movement and circulation throughout the design.

Developed Design –

Refinement of your design takes place to accommodate all elements within a budget and the regulations. As a result, this creative design moves to resolving details and material choice. Subsequently, quantity surveys take place to establish build costs and consent applications are put together.

Detailed Documentation –

Delivering a comprehensive, completed detailed design document ensures the construction of the project has minimal setbacks and critical details are executed correctly, correspondingly raising the overall value and durability of the project.

  • Construction drawings
  • Specification
  • Experience
  • Problem solving
  • Documentation

Contract Management –

We do our best to ensure the construction of your project is undertaken correctly right to the very end, Managing contractors on and off site. As a result, streamlining the process and overseeing the build to ensure a high standard of quality and execution.

  • Contractor administration
  • Frequent site visits
  • Quality control
  • Construction experience
  • Defects inspections
  • Payment certification