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Architects Plus is a registered practice and a member of the New Zealand Institute of Architects.

Architects Plus have a team of experienced designers whom all play a significant role in all projects. Our expertise is diverse in commercial, education, healthcare, residential and public domain design. We pride ourselves on emphasising creativity balanced with the needs of the client and budgetary restraints. Working closely with other industry professionals to deliver buildings that, through considered design, achieve economic, sustainable and efficient solutions.

We offer a professional service from conception to physical completion, guiding you through the process of; engaging co-professionals, authority approvals, tendering, construction and contracts. We love to be at the forefront of emerging trends and technology innovations. On behalf of all of us here at Architects Plus we will be pleased to be you’re architectural partner of choice.

Graham McDermid



Graham has worked in the architectural domain since 1971. Drawing on his 40+ years in the industry, Graham leads the Architects Plus  team through varying projects. He has worked extensively with clients and developers, to balance creative design versus cash flow parameters.  Graham has a solid grasp of the construction industry, and anchors the overall design direction of the studio.

Outside of the office Graham enjoys both water and snow skiing with his family. He is the lead driver of the Architects Plus motor racing team. Graham and his wife area active members for Habitat for Humanity and have completed many excursions internationally.

Nikora Jonathan



Nikora joined the Architects Plus team in 2011 after operating his own practice completing a variety of design commissions throughout New Zealand. His knowledge of the industry is wide. Nikora is a driven creative and widely talented designer attentive to all aspects of a project, big or small, its formalities and procedures. He is meticulous in his work and takes projects from inception to completion.

Nikora, known to most as Kori, is a devoted family man, multi talented musician and skilled guitarist having preformed at local venues. He is a gifted artist having taken study under a local master painter. He has a love for all sport having a history of representative basketball and rugby and likes a game of golf.

Bruce Harper



Bruce joined the studio in 2017 and brings to the team an array of industry knowledge. Skilled in numerous software packages Bruce has broad experience to draw upon for any architectural project. He has an excellent sense of workflow and manages his attention to detail with accuracy and care this being a core value for our product. Bruce is likely to take your project and apply common sense efficiencies in construction which we believe is instrumental in the design process.


Bruce has a passion to ride, currently riding a beautifully maintained ‘Triumph Thruxton 865’. Most weekends you will find him on the road taking in the sights.